Spoken English

At SYSCOMS, we are not only passionate about teaching English but we also make sure that the speaking skills of the students are enhanced from the first lesson itself. Our trainers use our proven methodology to ensure that training sessions are effective and enjoyable. The classroom sessions are interactive and loads of fun. The progress is in stages and by the time a particular course is over, a marked improvement is reflected in the student’s oral
communication or conversational skills in English. Whether you are seriously interested in enhancing your spoken English skills or committed to improving your overall command over the English language, the experienced trainers at SYSCOMS can help you achieve your goals with a very structured training.

Training Methodology for English

  • Learn the language by speaking the language.
  • Use target language only (in this case English).
  • Step by step approach to gradually build on what you have learned.
  • Drill the structures with controlled practice sessions.
  • Any corrections are made during the controlled practice sessions.
  • Students get to practice the language more freely during open practice sessions.
  • Asking questions is encouraged and interactive sessions are the norm.
  • Less theory and more practice.

Course Levels

Level 1 – Beginner
Level II – Elementary
Level III – Pre-Intermediate
Level IV – Intermediate Level
Level V – Upper Intermediate
Level VI – Advanced

Business English

At SYSCOMS, we have carefully developed a Business English course that will essentially cover all aspects of the language skills that you would require to make a solid impression in
the corporate world. Our trainers will help you grasp the various structures and business lingo as they train you towards adding more impact towards your Presentations, along with making a mark at meetings. Apart from the oral communication skills, the Business English program will also cover Written English required to maintain that professionalism at work. The written English aspect will cover email etiquette, formal letter writing etc.

Course Prerequisite

Individuals interested in enrolling for this course should be quite fluent in English or should have a basic understanding of the various English structures. This course is not for absolute beginners, but for those who would like to enhance their English communication skills or are a bit hesitant when it comes to speaking in public.

Course Duration: 30 Hours

Topics Covered

> Business Vocabulary
> Overcoming the fear of public speaking
> Speaking accurately using complex structures
> Intonation usage to become an effective speaker
> Making Effective Presentations
> Conducting Meetings
> Email Etiquette
> Formal/Business Letter Writing
> Telephone Etiquettes

What our Students Say