IATA Cargo Introductory

Course Overview

With over 52 million tons of cargo shipped annually, the air cargo industry is the place to be. Prepare yourself to work in the industry with this comprehensive course. You will learn about basic IATA cargo rules and procedures, how freight forwarders and airline cargo units operate, plus much more. This course is mandated for IATA Cargo Agents in accordance with the IATA Cargo Agency Resolutions.

The student, upon the completion of this course would have the skill to air cargo terms and expressions, control and maximize the use of space in aircraft holds. They can understand aircraft routings and industry manuals such as TACT and OAG world Airways Guide. They can apply the basic rating principles and state and operator variation.

The student can also follow IATA standards to accept cargo and complete documents and improve customer service.

Who should join

This course is recommended for- Cargo agents, Freight forwarders, Cargo operations managers, Cargo training specialists Basic reading, writing and speaking in the English language is necessary.

What You will learn

After Completing the course you will be able to:

=> Guide clients on the IATA rules and procedures for air freight shipments

=> Arrange air cargo shipments in accordance with IATA rules and procedures

=> Apply published rates and charges for air cargo shipments

=> Complete air waybills accurately

=> Prepare shipments ready for carriage

Key Topics

=> Air Waybill completion and basic rating

=> The operation of freight forwarders

=> The operation of airline cargo units

=> IATA geography, TACT, AOG, and other cargo manuals

=> Basic Cargo procedures.

=> Operations at cargo agencies, airlines, and freight forwarders

=> Air cargo acceptance basic rating principles

=> Air waybill completion

=> Industry terminology and abbreviations

Career Opportunities

Cargo agents,

Freight forwarding,

Cargo operators,

Sales Executive (Airlines)

Marketing Executive (Airlines)

IATA Instructor

Start your career now in Cargo Industry

I am extremely proud to be the topper for the IATA Foundation course in UAE. At SYSCOMS, the faculty members has helped me to get a step closer to a successful future in the industry
Richa Sunil
I am greatly honored to achieve the TOPPER’S Title in the UAE for the IATA Foundation Course. Thanks to Ms Divya who encouraged to do best with her proficient and constant support
I am extremely happy and honored to be the Middle East Top Achiever.I would like to express my sincerely gratitude to SYSCOMS College and its instructors for the professionalism
Stani Aziz