IATA Airline and Revenue Managment

Course Overview

Starting a career or wishing to expand your knowledge in airline? Get the essential knowledge you need to succeed. Discover the techniques applied by airlines to derive revenue from seat sales to maximize profitability.

Enables the students to identify and consult on popular international travel and tourism destinations. The student could also advise on travel and tourism products, modes of transportation, accommodation, cruises and tours. They would be able to interpret IATA resolutions that apply to accredited travel agencies. They can apply effective selling skills needed for consultation roles. The student would also be able to follow BSP procedures to construct complex fares and manage ticket exchanges.

On successful completion, you would be entitled an IATA/UFTAA International Travel & Tourism Consultant Diploma and will be entitled to add the designation “DTTC”, after your name.

Who should join

IATA/UFTAA Foundation would preferably be the basic qualification for this program. Continuing students, travel consultants, reservation and sales staff members in airline, tour operator and agency, airline fare experts, can attend this course. Basic reading, writing and speaking in the English language is necessary.

What You will learn

After Completing the course you will be able to:

=> Apply pricing strategies

=> Use strategies to generate revenue through correct application of optimal seat allocation

=> Make correct decisions in order to optimize revenue on a given flight

=> Build a successful airline revenue management organization

=> Understand why low-cost airlines require a revenue management system

Key Topics

=> Managing airline passenger demand

=> Seat inventory control

=>Scheduling and capacity adjustments

=> Product distribution

=> Revenue management organization

Career Opportunities

Reservation & Ticketing Executive 

Airline Call Center executive, 

Customer Service, 

Sales Executive (airports), 

Traffic Assistant (airports),

Tour Operator, 

Tour Guide, 

Sales Executive (Airlines), 

Marketing Executive (Airlines), 

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