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IELTS is an acronym for the International English Language Testing System. It is the world’s most popular exam for measuring an individual’s proficiency in the English language.

English language competency is measured in the following areas: > Listening | Reading | Writing | Speaking


32 hours + Full Length Practice Tests


Any student interested in enrolling for the IELTS Test course at Syscoms will initially need to take a short written assessment, which will be followed by an oral interview. The assessment will help determine the level of the student and help decide whether he/she is ready for the regular IELTS Test classes. If a student does have some deficiency in the English language, that student will need to enroll for the Pre-IELTS, which is a short bridge course/foundation program in English to brush up on the areas of the English language he/she is having problems with such as grammar, writing, reading etc.  

IELTS Preparation at Syscoms

In order to do well on the IELTS abu dhabi, it is important that one prepares well for the ielts exam. When preparing for the exam, a student should not only become familiar with the content and the structure of the exam but also practice with focus and discipline. That will allow a test taker a great opportunity to secure a high band score on the actual ielts exam.


At Syscoms, we offer a structured training program focusing not only on improving one’s English language skills but also ielts abu dhabi, learning test taking techniques and mastering them in order to maximize the chances of getting a high band score. Our experienced and dedicated trainers will help the students every step of the way in preparing for the real IELTS Test with proper guidance, training, and practice. The students will get to take plenty of full length practice for ielts test.

These practice tests simulate the real ielts test experience and have helped a number of students perform really well on the actual IELTS. 

IELTS Program at Syscoms

Complete test preparation covering all four skills

Speaking | Listening | Reading | Writing

  Student’s English language skills monitored, assessed, and enhanced.

 Grammar skills covered as part of test preparation.

 Full length practice tests.

 Quality study materials.

 Small batch sizes.

  Unlimited help.

 Morning and Evening classes.

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