Graphic Design Course in Abu Dhabi

Graphic Design communicates visually in many ways: brochures, logos, sign systems, advertisements, and exhibitions displays etc. This program provides chance to study about computer technologies, social context, design principles, and printing technologies. Graphic Design course in abu dhabi touches so many areas of visual output. You can find the presence of Graphic Design everywhere in our life for instance morning newspaper, greeting cards, business cards, magazines, books etc.

Duration  30 Hrs
Prerequisites    Basic Knowledge in Computer
Over View Now-a-days Graphic Design course in abu dhabi is an in-demand career option. In recent day Graphic Design is a need of the growing Indian graphic and communication design industry. Today's graphic designers must know the current technology and rapidly changes of market. Graphic Designer's aim is to create something that is pleasing to eye, and gets the attention to the viewer. Graphic Design can provide itself to architectural, fashion, furniture product, interior, even the medical industry. Using an array of visual elements- including type, shape, color, illustration, photography etc- Graphic Designer work with their clients to deliver the message in most effective way. Graphic Designer Consult with programmers or web developer and other graphic designers to craft the best possible graphical user interface for a particular website or mobile app.

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign

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