Students eligible for this level should be quite fluent in English, making only occasional errors in the language. Upper intermediate level is intended to help a student further polish or fine tune his/her command over the English language.  A lot of focus will be on intonation, word stress, and pronunciation. In addition, students can expect a lot of speaking activity in the form of short and long presentations, group discussions, and role plays. Many more complex structures will be covered during the course, and students will learn to use phrasal verbs and idiomatic expressions just as the native speakers use in their everyday conversations. By the time a student completes this course, he/she should become very fluent, and will have grasped advanced vocabulary (phrasal verbs and idioms) along with some more complex structures provided that the student follows the trainer’s guidance, participates well in class, practices the language and structures on a regular basis, and maintains a high level of self-discipline. 

Duration  30 Hrs

The person should have thorough understanding of Spoken as well as Written English; can distinguish between Tenses, Parts of Speech and other Grammar Rules; can use them in the sentences but can make complex and compound sentences only while writing but hesitates during speaking. 


Candidate has to take a placement test to determine and select the right level.All the classes are combination of listening, reading and writing to give professionals with relevant and effective communication.   

Key Areas of Focus

 Able to make a mark on presentations.

 Able to debate, converse, and get across one’s viewpoint effectively and clearly.

 Able to use a wide variety of vocabulary including phrasal verbs and idiomatic expressions just as native speakers do.

 Able to speak spontaneously on any topic.

 Talk about the present, past, or future without any difficulty and with a very high level of accuracy.

 Talk about imaginary scenarios using various appropriate structures.

 Use voice especially the intonation and word stress very effectively in conveying the intended meaning or message.

 Focus will mainly be on speaking, with some listening, reading, and very limited writing. 

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