Vision Statement

The vision of Systems Computer information technology institute (Syscoms) is to become a core centre of excellence. Syscoms will strive in imparting knowledge, competent vocational Skills and professional development comprehending the UAE Qualification Framework. It will seek to further empower students to higher levels of progression, and also provide the region a skilled workforce for rapid industrialisation towards the fulfilment of plan Abu Dhabi 2030.

Mission Statement:

Systems Computer information technology institute’s mission to

  • Empower people with knowledge and skills enriching their lives for a bright future.
  • Design, develop and impart specialized programs and with quality, professionalism and with Competence in line with the UAE National Qualification Framework.
  • Create an Environment with Quality Teaching Infrastructure.
  • Continuously be in Research and Development to offer the Best Training at Par with International Standards.

Core Values

Strategic Objectives

Organizational Chart


Admission Policy

The Director of Systems Computer Information Technology formulates all admissions policies in accordance with the UAE National Qualification Framework level Descriptor. The standards employed are consistent with those adopted by Vocational Institutes and other Similar Institutions in the United Arab Emirates. The Director of the Institute has the right to offer or deny Admission to any individual.

The following rules and conditions must be followed consistently for the admissions of all students and no exceptions will be allowed other than changes formally adopted by the governing council.

Regular Admission

To be fully admitted as a student, the applicant must be a resident of U.A.E. The Admission Specifically, the minimum requirements for regular admission include which depends on the Courses he/she may wish to join would be, there are no pre requisites for any such courses offered by the Institute. But the below eligibility requirements are for certain courses in which prescribed eligibility conditions apply and is considered as General Requirements.

Any recognized secondary school certificate. The student must have passed the secondary/high school certificate which enables him/her to be admitted to courses to which he/she may Transfer those Credits for higher Education. The duration of the study at school must be 10 years or 12 years.

Systems Computer Information Technology will establish whether student is likely to benefit from the program. This will be done in discussion with prospective students to establish their interest, aspirations and capabilities.

Employed or Unemployed Residents who wish to acquire specific skills based on their Job Requirements or wish to seek employment in specific sector.

An ‘O’ Level or ‘A’ Level (GCSE/IGCSE) certificate or Equivalent.

Registration Policy

Students are scheduled into classes on a one-to-one basis through after course counselling. Registration and pre-registration take place on all working days. The student must apply for registration on the prescribed form stating the course he/she wishes to take. Only announced courses which are Batch oriented will have a date for registration. Registration will not be considered complete until the course fees and all other dues till date have been settled. Students will not receive credits for courses in which they are not registered. Inquiries regarding registration should be directed to the course counsellor.

Registration Requirements
  • A completed and signed application for admission.
  • Copy of the Emirates Identity Card
  • A Copy of the Applicants Passport with Residence Visa
  • Two Copies of Passport Size Photographs
Attendance Policy

We expect students to come to all classes on time and complete their scheduled course set by the course counsellor and the Instructor within the given time limits. Students who do not fulfil this requirement will not be provided any certificate. The instructor determines the attendance policy for each course. Each instructor is responsible for notifying students of his or her specific policy. No students will be allowed to attend any intended assessment for a course if attendance policy of the course is violated and a warning letter explaining the same is issued by the instructor 2 weeks before any scheduled assessment. If the cause of absence is illness, accident, or a similar event, the student must notify the instructor by filling the ‘Student Leave Form’ with documentary evidence attached. Student leave forms are available at the reception and with the counsellor.

At Syscoms we provide

State of the Art Infrastructure, Facilities and Services

All our Institutions are located at places which are Land Marks to the respective regions, easily accessible, with ample parking space, approach roads etc Our facilities are Maintained with all International Standards with the latest Instructional Aids, ergonomically designed seating arrangements, well designed Class rooms, Reception Area, Computer Labs, Language Labs and a Host of other facilities that matches with any other Facilities of any other International Institute of Repute.

Counseling Services

All our Educational Institutions have experienced counselors, who can guide the students to take the right course and how each course will help them in their jobs and Career. The Counselors familiarize the students with the Instructors and help them on an individual basis on any learning difficulties and provide regular feedbacks.

High Tech Labs

Our Lab facilities are equipped with the latest Machines Purchased after careful Screening by our Technical Department after a Series of Test from the most Popular Brands available in the Market; we have machines purchased from Dell, Toshiba, HP, Compaq, HCL, LG etc. We provide both Desk Top and Lap Tops for our Students and expose them to use the Latest Machines. The Hardware and Networking Labs consists of CISCO Switches, Routers and other Machines, Most of them directly imported from the manufacturers.

Our Educational Domains Constitute the Following

School of Information Technology:

This division provides Information Technology education and training for Students, Public and Corporate from basic to advanced levels. Various branches of IT such as Software, Multimedia, Security Systems, Database Management, Advanced Programming etc. are taught under IT School, in association with the industry giants including Microsoft, Oracle, Cisco, Adobe, SAP, Sun and Autodesk.

School of Business and Management:

This division offers Business and Management educational programs for Students, Public and Corporate. Students are trained in various business management skills in the areas of Administration, HR, Project Management, Marketing, Sales, Retail, Public Relation, Logistics, etc in Co ordination with International Institutions of Repute such as the PMI, California and Project Management Research Institute, Bangalore, Indian Institute for Management, Lucknow, India.

Language Skills (Language School):

Proficiency and advance usage of English Language is essential for success and advancement in any career in today's world. Syscoms Language School provides various courses on skill developments in the four core areas of English Language Training: Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening. Highly successful and effective training is provided in the areas of Professional Skills Development, Academic Skills Development, Business Skills Development and Speaking Skills Development.

Our Staff and Faculty:

Our Academic team consists of Full Time, Part Time and visiting Faculty of instructors, lecturers and Professors drawn from various backgrounds in Information Technology, Soft ware Engineering, Networking, Business Management, Communicative Skills, English Language Teaching etc.Most of our Visiting Faculty are drawn from of International Business Schools, Management Institutes, Universities, College's of repute from the U.K, Canada, India etc.

We frequently expose our Full Time faculty to Training programs, International Seminars conducted by various international bodies to maintain quality in delivering the best to our clients.

Our Course Curriculum and Courseware

Syscoms is the only Institution in the region which has its own Research and Development Wing and consists a Team of Research Associates under a Head, The Research and Development wing continuously assesses and monitors the current and future requirements of different programs or Courses needed for the academic, skill development in the corporate and other industrial segments and constantly reviews the Program Structure, Course Curriculum and is also in Liaison with International Institutions, International Vendors in Information Technology and Host of other Institutions to offer the latest and updated courseware to the Students.

Our Corporate Training Center

We have a Centralized Corporate Training Center which is responsible to liaise with Corporate Houses to assess various Training requirement and Co ordinate with Training Departments for delivering Quality Programs for Staff Development and Enrichment. Our corporate training enables organizations to improve effectiveness through the application of information technology and management skills, today our corporate clientele Constitute a wide range of National companies and multinational companies.

Our Solutions for Individuals

Through our Educational Domains Syscoms provides comprehensive and cost-effective training for individuals looking for a wide range of Courses for Career Development, Skill Development, Personality Development etc , It’s a One Stop Destination for an Individuals Total Development.

Our Courses

MS Project
Web Designing- HTML , CSS
Spoken English
Spoken Arabic
Hardware & Networking

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Syscoms College was created to meet the increasing demand for higher educational institutions in the region that would deliver a quality education leading to accredited qualifications which would be recognized and accepted locally and internationally