The IELTS exam tests four skills – Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking.In order for an individual to do well on the IELTS, he/she needs to be able to use English language effectively in all the four areas. ▪The Pre-IELTS program is recommended for individuals who lack basics of the English language, and are weak in almost all the four areas. During the course, the trainer will work step by step to bridge the gap and help the student become more comfortable and confident at using the language. Moreover, basic grammar will be taught to ensure a higher level of accuracy.

Duration  20 Hrs

Any student interested in enrolling for the IELTS course at Syscoms will initially need to take a short written assessment, which will be followed by an oral interview. The assessment will help determine the level of the student and help decide whether he/she is ready for the regular IELTS classes. If a student does have some deficiency in the English language, that student will need to enroll for the Pre-IELTS, which is a short bridge course/foundation program in English to brush up on the areas of the English language he/she is having problems with such as grammar, writing, reading etc.  

Pre-IELTS program includes:

Grammar Basics

Building Vocabulary & its Usage

Sentence construction both simple and complex both spoken and written

Short Reading Comprehension Passages

Speaking Activity

Listening to short conversations and understanding them

Key Points of Focus

 Introduction (Self introductions, introducing others)

 Greetings in everyday situations

 Asking for or giving information

  Asking and answering questions

 Everyday conversations

 Social expressions

 Polite expressions

 Focus will mainly be on speaking, with some listening, reading, and very limited writing. 

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