Students eligible for the intermediate level are expected to be able to communicate in short complete sentences using the English language. Students should be somewhat fluent and their listening comprehension skills should be above average. At this level, students will learn to use more complex structures and add to their knowledge of the English vocabulary including the use of phrasal verbs.

Duration  30 Hrs
Prerequisite     The person should have thorough understanding of Spoken as well as Written English; can distinguish between Tenses, Parts of Speech and other Grammar Rules; can use them in the sentences but cannot make complex and compound sentences while speaking.

Candidate has to take a placement test to determine and select the right level.All the classes are combination of listening, reading and writing to give professionals with relevant and effective communication.  

Key Areas of Focus

 Able to converse at length

 Able to form an opinion and express it well

 Able to speak using a variety of vocabulary - both formal and informal

 Able to convey the intended meaning using appropriate intonation and word stress

 Able to use complex structures including most of the tenses, conditionals etc.

 A much higher level of accuracy with the students making minimum errors in their speech.

 Focus will mainly be on speaking, with some listening, reading, and very limited writing. 

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