IATA Airport Operations


In  these challenging times, and with emerging competition from other airports and other modes of transportation, it is of the utmost importance that airports recruit and provide employees and managers with best available knowledge and skills. This course is prepared to provide you with a solid overview of the airport operations field and with tools to apply your knowledge and skills to your airport.ss strategy by developing new products and marketing these effectively. Gain insight on agency accounting procedures to build business plans that ensure good financial health

Duration 3 Months
Pre requisite  A good knowledge of English
  An interest in a professional career in the travel and tourism industry
Starting a career or wishing to expand your knowledge in airports? Get the essential knowledge you need to succeed

Operational functions of the airport.

>  Rescue, fire fighting and other support services.

>  Airport issues and challenges.

>  The future of airports.

>  Technological developments.

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