This course is designed for individuals who can speak very limited English or for those who usually struggle to frame sentences or speak in fragments or in very short sentence. After the completion of this level, a student will be able to converse using short and somewhat longer and a bit complex sentences, along with a higher degree of accuracy especially when talking about the present, the past, or the future. The student will also have added more vocabulary and common phrases, used in everyday situations, to his speech. 

Duration  30 Hrs
Prerequisite    The person should have general understanding of Spoken as well as Written English; can use but cannot distinguish between Tenses, Parts of Speech and other Grammar Rules; also cannot make proper sentences while speaking.

Candidate has to take a placement test to determine and select the right level.All the classes are combination of listening, reading and writing to give professionals with relevant and effective communication.  

Key Areas of Focus


Greetings in everyday situations

Asking for or giving information

Asking and answering questions

Everyday conversations

Social expressions

Useful vocabulary related to job, travel, hobbies

Polite requests

Describing objects, people, places

Describing feelings

Talking about the present and the past

Asking for or giving directions

Making suggestions

Focus will mainly be on speaking, with some listening, reading, and very limited writing.  

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