Business English

The Business English course at Syscoms is geared towards people who would like to enhance their communication skills in order to have that extra edge to succeed at work and in the corporate world.

In order to make a mark at your job, the hard skills or the technical skills are not enough in this day and age of globalization and intense competition. You need to be an excellent communicator also.

Since English language is the intermediary language worldwide, and more often than not, the main language in use at various corporate houses and other businesses, a command over the English language can do wonders for an individual to climb up the corporate ladder. 

Duration  32 Hrs

Individuals interested in enrolling for this course should be quite fluent in English or should have a very good understanding of the various English structures. This course is for individuals who are at least at the intermediate level. A written and speaking assessment will be conducted, and only after the candidate fully satisfies the eligibility criteria will he/she be allowed to register for this course. 

Our Program

At Syscoms, we have carefully developed a Business English course that will essentially cover all aspects of the language skills that you would require to make a solid impression in the corporate world. Our trainers will help you grasp the various structures, business lingo, and train you towards adding more impact towards your presentations, along with making a mark at meetings. 

Apart from the oral communication skills, the Business English program will also cover written English required to maintain that professionalism at work. The written English aspect will cover email etiquette, formal letter writing, writing memos, circulars etc.

Key Areas of Focus

 Speaking, Listening, and Writing

 Enhancing Business Vocabulary/Jargon

 Speaking accurately using complex structures

 The language at the workplace – Dos and don’ts

 Public Speaking

 Verbal and non-verbal communication

 Using intonation to become an effective speaker

 Making effective presentations

 Conducting meetings

 Interacting with clients/customers or business associates

 Email etiquette

 Formal/Business letter writing

 Telephone etiquettes

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