This course is designed for individuals who are complete beginners or can barely speak in English. The learners will be introduced to basic vocabulary and will start framing short sentences from day one. With every lesson, the learners will be able to steadily improve their speaking skills in English using structures that are part of everyday situations.  Students will learn how to ask for and give basic information in English. They will also learn structures and language that will help them make basic social interactions in English. During the course, students will learn how to convey and understand information in very familiar situations. The purpose of the course is to help the students improve their level of social interactions in English that will help them - at work, with customers or clients, and at other places and situations that would involve the use of the English language. 

Duration  30 Hrs
Prerequisite   Since this is a course for absolute beginners, a plus would be for the students to be able to recognize the English alphabets and be able to read the English language even in a limited capacity. That would help in certain classroom activities and also help students use the study material effectively in class and at home. 

Candidate has to take a placement test to determine and select the right level.All the classes are combination of listening, reading and writing to give professionals with relevant and effective communication.

Key Points of Focus

 Introduction (Self introductions, introducing others)

 Greetings in everyday situations

 Asking for or giving information

  Asking and answering questions

 Everyday conversations

 Social expressions

 Polite expressions

 Focus will mainly be on speaking, with some listening, reading, and very limited writing. 

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